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We will start sending out notices via email when we begin our renewal classes.  If you want to be notified of upcoming class dates/times, please subscribe to our email list.  More information will be posted on this page as its known.

Q. When will you start offering renewal classes?

A.  The first set of licenses will not expire until early 2019.  SAFE will be holding regular classes for the 3 hour renewal class beginning in late Fall/early Winter 2018 provided the Illinois State Police has certificates and the process in place by this time.

Q. How much training will be needed?

A. Illinois law requires people renewing to attend a 3 hour Renewal course which consists of two hours of classroom and 1 hour on the range.  The classroom portion will consist of updated laws, and interacting with police.

Q. Will you offer private classes?
A. Yes we will.  Private class minimums will be 15 students or $750 for the group rate.  More than 15 students is an additional $50 per person.  Anything less, we can't pay the bills.

Q.  How much is the State of Illinois renewal fee?

A.  Illinois fees will remain $150 for the 5 year renewal ($153 using a credit card)

Q. How long do I have to wait to get the renewal application processed?
A.  It is believed the same amount of time as if you were applying for a new license - 90 to 120 days.

Q.  What if my license expires before I the state can process my renewal application?
A.  According to the law, (430 ILCS 66/70), subsection C:  A license is invalid upon expiration of the license, unless the licensee has submitted an application to renew the license, and the applicant is otherwise eligible to possess a license under this Act.

Q.  What will SAFE charge for the classes?
A.  The class fee is yet to be determined, probably around $50 per person.


Renewing your Illinois Conceal Carry License

SAFE Gun Permits will be hosting classes to renew your Illinois Conceal Carry License.  The Illinois Conceal Carry License is valid for a period of five (5) years.  It must be renewed every 5 year to remain current. Here is a list of FAQ about the process.