This class is the same course content used in the first full day of our regular Illinois Conceal Carry Course.  Here is what you should expect to learn;

  • Firearm Safety and Basic Firearm Safety Handling Rules:  Firearm safety is paramount above everything else in all our classes.  You will learn the "do's and don'ts" related to handling firearms and why it is so important to follow safety protocols.

  • Firearm Nomenclature (parts of a gun) and Gun Identification:  You will learn about the different handgun types (Revolver, Semi-Automatic).  You will learn the parts of the firearm and what the parts do.  To some, it may sound simple, but not everyone has the same skill level when it comes to firearms.  We start at the very beginning and go from there.

  • Ammunition Identification and Selection:  You will learn the four different components of a cartridge and how each component interacts together as the bullet is being expelled from the gun.  We also go over a few different types of cartridges and how to tell them apart.

  • Loading and Unloading:  We will show you how to properly load and unload both a revolver and semi-automatic firearm.  In fact, we will go through this procedure one on one with you with an instructor.  You will load and unload a real firearm with fake or "dummy" ammunition, for that particular firearm.  

  • Gun Cleaning, Maintenance and Safety Protocols:  You will learn about the different techniques to safely clean and maintain a firearm.  Everything from how to ensure the firearm is unloaded to how to properly clean and maintain a firearm.

  • Home Storage, Vehicle Storage:  You will learn about the different options of storing a firearm in the home and considerations, depending on your own circumstances.  You will also learn about vehicle storage and how the law is applied.

  • How To Shoot:  We will spend a good amount of time showing you the proper way to shoot a firearm.  There are six basic fundamentals we thoroughly discuss and demonstrate, and you will be able to follow along.

    • ​Stance
    • Grip
    • Aiming (Consists of Sight Alignment and Sight Picture)
    • ​Breath Control
    • Trigger Control
    • Follow Through

  • Laser Activated Shooting with Laser Firearms:  We use the next generation technology - laser pistols called SIRT Pistols, where you will practice trigger reset (part of follow through).  It's a fun exercise.  Also, you will shoot at a real target using the SIRT laser pistol, a computer will time your shots and give you feedback on shot placement.

  • NRA Certificate:  After attending this course, you will have earned a certificate from your instructors on behalf of the National Rifle Association.  The certificate will be for completing the NRA Pistol Marksmanship Simulator Course program, which you will receive before your departure from the class.

Course Outline

Firearm Safety and Skills Course

SAFE Gun Permits is pleased to bring this new and innovative type of class to our clients.  The Firearms Safety and Skills Course is focused around the individual who may not want to carry a concealed firearm, but rather would like to learn about firearms and to better understand safety all considerations.  The class is based upon a number of topics which are described below.  Keep in mind, this is a non-shooting course and no FOID card is needed to take this 8 hour class. You will be handling real firearms but no ammunition will be present.

If the student taking this class does wish to continue with their training in order to obtain an Illinois Conceal Carry License, this class can be applied toward the 16 hour class requirement at any time.  The choice is theirs.  This course is ideal for perhaps a spouse of a gun owner who wants to become more familiar with firearms in the home or someone who has an interest in learning about firearms and firearm safety.  There is no age requirement to take this class.