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Welcome to SAFE Gun Permits!
Illinois Most Elite Training Group

Welcome to SAFE Gun Permits!  Why take a class from us?  We are a company with years of experience both in the civilian shooting world and in law enforcement.  We are a member of the Roselle Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  We love to conduct private classes.  Please contact us if you are interested in a private class, we do have ranges available in our area.  

Our prices are very competitive and we are passionate about firearms. We are Illinois State Police certified instructors and NRA certified in a number of disciplines such as Basic Pistol Instructor, Range Safety Officer, Personal Protection Inside/Outside the Home Instructor and more.  Once a client takes any of our courses, we consider them a client for life.  Any of our past students can attest if you have a simple question or any issues down the road, we are always there for you.  We offer 8, 12 or 16 hour courses, depending on what each student needs are. Take our Utah course in conjunction with the 16 hour Illinois class for huge savings.  Thanks for visiting!


Craig and Kevin Celia

SAFE Gun Permits LLC Owners


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Absolutely! You go girl!

"Gun control is the War on Women because firearms are the ultimate equalizer." You agree?

Posted 3 days ago ago


Ralph CeliaI just happen to know a 2 little nursies that is a close relative of mine, 1 niece and one daughterinlaw that has that exact same mindset. Right girls?3 days ago

Holiday Special December 6th and 7th in Elburn! Get Three permits (Illinois, Utah, Florida) for the price of one instruction! Take our 16 Hour course, get Utah FREE! (applicants still must pay associated state fees). All Attendees will be given a Florida CCL Packet FREE with purchase of a course. NO EXTRA TRAINING IS REQUIRED FOR FLORIDA CCL! Join us for this one bonus weekend!

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Posted 1 week ago ago


Illinois Gun and Concealed Carry RightsThat is just hard to look at. I'm seeing safety issues more often now at the ranges. No excuses here at all. Must follow the four basic rules at all times.1 week ago

Jessie Matthewswhat a nut1 week ago

Jessie MatthewsI would never even let someone see me training like that ,,, that guy does not know what hes doing ..1 week ago

Jessie Matthewshes not a trainer1 week ago

Dan Crollthis can't be a real photo. Noboby I mean NOBODY is that stupid You cant have a nut on each end of a firearm,It's not possible6 days ago

Open Carry Map!…

Posted 2 months ago ago

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