$50 per Student Class Fee, $10 Deposit per Student required now to reserve your seat. 



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"Craig and Kevin are very knowledgeable and patient. It was a great class and I learned a lot. if your thinking about taking a conceal carry class, this is the one to take."

​        Mike Cholewa (via facebook 10/22/18)

"Affordable, interactive, group participation with individual attention afforded if needed.  Retired and active law enforcement facilitators teaching the course.  Highly recommend this organization for individual and group instruction."
Alderman Sonny Sorrentino (via facebook 9/28/18)

"Thanks to you Craig and Kevin for another great class and Range time!!! Wouldn’t think of going to anyone else!!! You guys are the Best!!!"
USMCSS" (via Illinoiscarry.com on 9/22/18)

"I did my renewal class Saturday in Elburn with Craig and Kevin. It was a well organized class with interesting discussion, and their range was ideal for this. Thanks, guys!"
Heavyduty" (via Illinoiscarry.com 9/10/18)

"Took my ccw renewal this past sat. Great class. Simple to the point. Good review. Thank you."
Mitch Nevins (via facebook 9/11/18)

"I would be remiss if I did not give a shout out to Craig and the SAFE Gun Permits team. I attended the 7/21 Morris class and it was nothing but top-notch instruction. His team did an awesome job on the renewal course and the shooting range, along with the accommodations, were the best. I drove 45 minutes to take his course and I would certainly do it again. To those needing to take the renewal or any other course, consider Craig and his team, you will not regret it."  ​​
    David 7/22/18

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Illinois Conceal Carry 3 Hour Renewal Class Elburn, IL
112 N. Main Street, Elburn, IL

Saturday, January 26th, 2019 
2 Classes:  8am-11am / Noon-3pm

Craig Celia                                                             Kevin Celia

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3 Hour illinois conceal carry
​RENEWAL class 


We have years of experience both in the civilian shooting world and in law enforcement.  We love to conduct private classes. Please contact us if you are interested in a private class, we do have ranges available in our area.  

​Our prices are very competitive and we are passionate about our second amendment rights. We are
Illinois State Police certified instructors and NRA certified in a number of disciplines such as Basic Pistol Instructor, Range Safety Officer, Personal Protection Inside/Outside the Home Instructor and more. 

​Once a client takes any of our courses, we consider them a client for life.  Any of our past students can attest - if you have a simple question or any issues down the road, we are always there for you.  Just check our
Yelp reviews!

We offer 3 Hour renewal, or 16 hour private classes.

host a private 16 Hour illinois conceal carry class
(Minimum of 8 paid students)

Would you like the benefit of hosting a class in your own home or business? You can earn a free class by hosting! Invite friends and family for a relaxed gun class event. 

We hold privately ran classes for groups of 8 or more throughout the state. We come to you with all our equipment in an enclosed trailer. A minimum of 8 paid students is needed to host a private class. If you get 10 paid students, we give you a free class.
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Current Price:
16 Hour Course:  $150

All participants must go through all 16 hours of class time. ​
Utah Add On:  $50

For Private Renewal Classes, we require a minimum of 15 paid students, cost is $50 per person.

Host should have a place to hold the classes. This could be a private garage, basement, business, shop. Anywhere where people can be comfortable and where electricity is present. Usually tables and chairs is what is needed when hosting. ​Class dates/times will be agreed upon by SAFE and the host or hostess. The classes can be setup for a 2, 3, or 4 day period.  We prefer all students attend all 16 hours.  We will provide firearms and ammunition for any student who does not possess a firearm, within reason.  Students will have to bring a firearm to class, on the second part of class.  Students do not need a FOID card to take the class but will need one when applying for their license. Currently training certificates do not expire. Feel free to contact Kevin or Craig to inquire further! Kevin can be reached at 630.788.1728, Craig can be reached at 630.776.4412, or
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