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If you would like a Conceal Carry class or are in need of a renewal, we may be able to help you.

For Full Conceal Carry Classes:  If you are able to gather a few friends and have a place to host a class, we would be happy to accommodate.  

For 3 Hour Renewal Classes:  If you need a 3-hour renewal, or a few of your friends need this course, please contact us, we will accommodate.  Our standard charge for one-on-one renewal classes are $100, plus range fees.  DO NOT allow your license to expire.  If this is the case, you must take the entire 16 hour course over again!

For the Utah CCL Course:  If you already have the Illinois conceal carry license and now want the very popular Utah non-resident license, please contact Craig at 630.776.4412.  Our standard charge for one-on-one Utah classes are $100 per person.  Click here for further details!

Please email us or call Craig or Kevin for details and/or arrangements.

Contact Information

Craig Celia                                                                                     Kevin Celia                                            

(630) 776.4412                                                                             (630) 788.1728






Saturday, February 29th 2020

8am - 10am for Utah Initial Class
10am to 1pm for Illinois Renewal Class

Class in Mazon / Range in Morris
confirmation email will be sent after registering

Illinois 3 Hour Renewal:  $60
Utah  Initial:  $50   
(plus $63.25 state of Utah fee the day of class via check or credit card)

$10 Non-Refundable Deposit Required below - confirmation email will be sent after registering

We have years of experience both in the civilian shooting world and in law enforcement.  We love to conduct private classes. Please contact us if you are interested in a private class, we do have ranges available in our area.  

​Our prices are very competitive and we are passionate about our second amendment rights. We are
Illinois State Police certified instructors and NRA certified in a number of disciplines such as Basic Pistol Instructor, Range Safety Officer, Personal Protection Inside/Outside the Home Instructor and more. 

​Once a client takes any of our courses, we consider them a client for life.  Any of our past students can attest - if you have a simple question or any issues down the road, we are always there for you.  Just check our
Yelp reviews!

We offer 3 Hour renewal, or 16 hour private classes.

Craig Celia                                                                                      Kevin Celia

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