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16 Hour class W/OPTIONAL uTAH Non-resident permit
(legally carry in 37 states)​
$200 Single 
($325 for two  students)

​      ​​(BEST VALUE)



This class is for the mandatory 3 hour refresher for renewals only.


* Day Two Only. 
To qualify for this class there are prerequisites.

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Participants will be certified in the NRA Pistol Marksmanship Simulator course.

*To qualify for this class there are prerequisites.

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3 hour Illinois conceal carry renewal class​

(1 dAY)​

$75 OR 2 FOR $120

No Previous Training must take this class - all 16 hours

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8 hour Illinois conceal carry class​


Why take a class from us?  We have years of experience both in the civilian shooting world and in law enforcement.  We love to conduct private classes. Please contact us if you are interested in a private class, we do have ranges available in our area.  

​Our prices are very competitive and we are passionate about our second amendment rights. We are
Illinois State Police certified instructors and NRA certified in a number of disciplines such as Basic Pistol Instructor, Range Safety Officer, Personal Protection Inside/Outside the Home Instructor and more. 

​Once a client takes any of our courses, we consider them a client for life.  Any of our past students can attest - if you have a simple question or any issues down the road, we are always there for you. 

We offer 8, 12 or 16 hour courses, depending on what each student needs are. Take our Utah course in conjunction with the 16 hour Illinois class for huge savings. 
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​Craig and Kevin Celia SAFE Gun Permits Owners

12 hour Illinois Conceal Carry class


16 Hour class​​
$150 single ($225 for two Students)