What is it like to be a host?

The host will accommodate their guests in their home, business or some other venue to hold the class.  Once we and the host agree on a date for the weekend class, the host will announce the class to their friends and family, and they sign up.  If you get 8 paid persons to sign up, we give you the course for free (you are still responsible for the $18 range fee).

The host will also provide light refreshments both days, water and snacks is fine.  Some hosts enjoy bringing in lunch for everyone, that is up to the individual host.  Chairs for guests should be provided.  

​We only require some room and electricity access.

What is covered in a typical class and how does it work?

A course is 16 hours long and is done on weekends (Saturday and Sunday).  Start of times is 9AM each day.

The first day consists of all instruction of firearms, firearm safety, some law, ammunition, videos, etc.  We have no loaded firearms in our guns, as safety is key.  The second day consists of all Federal & State laws, FOID Act, lawful interaction with law enforcement, prohibited areas and a trip to the range.  At the range you and your guests will shoot the qualification and certificates will be issued.  After the shoot, you will be free to leave.

Do I need a FOID Card to take the class?

The simple answer is no.  You can apply for a FOID card and your conceal carry at the same time.

How do you apply for a conceal carry license?

Go to www.ISPFSB.com to apply, but you have to first take a course and upload our certificate.

Do your certificates expire?

No, they do not expire.  You can apply anytime after taking the course.

What if I do not have a firearm yet?

You can use someone else's or rent a firearm from us for only $20 extra.  This includes the use of the firearm, ammunition, eye and ear protection.

How much do my friends and family have to pay to register for a class?

Our fee is $150 per person and there is an added $18 fee to be paid at the range to cover the range qualification.

How long is the license valid for?

The Illinois Conceal Carry license is valid for five (5) years from the date of issuance.  After the 5 years, you much go through a 3 hour renewal class.

3 Hour Renewal Classes:  We offer a 3-hour renewal course.   Our standard charge for one-on-one renewal classes are $100, plus range fees.  DO NOT allow your license to expire.  If this is the case, you must take the entire 16 hour course over again!  Discounts given for more than one student in any given class.

Please email Kevin for details and/or arrangements.
Contact Information:

Kevin  Celia

(630) 788.1728

Above is a listing of our currently scheduled private classes.  If you have been invited to attend a private class and you intend on coming, pre-registration is required.  This ensures there is a minimum amount of students per class attending.  No FOID card is required to take this course.  You can apply for your FOID and Conceal Carry License at the same time.

You will be required to pay the full amount of $150 for the class at time of registration.  The minimum amount of people for a class is 8.  The class will be cancelled the day before if the minimum is not met, and you will be notified via email with full refunds being issued within 24 hours.  No refunds will be issued for no-shows.

The Illinois license is valid in about 27 states currently.  We also offer the Utah non-resident conceal carry course at a discounted rate of only $50 extra (versus the normal $100).  Utah will take an extra hour on Saturday.  Keep in mind there is an additional $63.25 fee payable to the State of Utah on the day of class either by check or credit card.  The Utah non-resident license will allow you to carry in an additional 7 states (34 total).  We will do everything for Utah including the course, fingerprinting, passport sized photo and mail in your application!  Click here for the maps!

Let us know if you have any questions!