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"Craig and Kevin are very knowledgeable and patient. It was a great class and I learned a lot. if your thinking about taking a conceal carry class, this is the one to take."​
​Mike Cholewa (via facebook 10/22/18)

"Affordable, interactive, group participation with individual attention afforded if needed. Retired and active law enforcement facilitators teaching the course. Highly recommend this organization for individual and group instruction."
Alderman Sonny Sorrentino (via facebook 9/28/18)

Thanks to you Craig and Kevin for another great class and Range time!!! Wouldn’t think of going to anyone else!!! You guys are the Best!!!
​"USMCSS" (via Illinoiscarry.com on 9/22/18)

I did my renewel class Saturday in Elburn with Craig and Kevin. It was a well organized class with
interesting discussion, and their range was ideal for this. Thanks, guys!
"Heavyduty" (via Illinoiscarry.com 9/10/18)

Took my ccw renewal this past sat. Great class. Simple to the point. Good review. Thank you.
Mitch Nevins (via facebook 9/11/18)

I would be remiss if I did not give a shout out to Craig and the SAFE Gun Permits team. I attended the 7/21 Morris class and it was nothing but top-notch instruction. His team did an awesome job on the renewal course and the shooting range, along with the accommodations, were the best. I drove 45 minutes to take his course and I would certainly do it again. To those needing to take the
renewal or any other course, consider Craig and his team, you will not regret it. 
​​David 7/22/18

I attended their CCL renewal class in Morris yesterday, July 21, 2018 
The class is in an air conditioned Butler style building on a farm south of Morris.  Craig and Kevin did an excellent Power Point presentation.  There were a few questions and comments from the participants, and the classroom part progressed smoothly without rushing.  There were about 30 students.  The shooting qualifications were done outside.  Craig and Keven ran a safe and efficient shoot.  We shot in groups of 12 shooters.  Most of us were experienced shooters.  
Craig and Kevin were patient with the few who were less experienced; even provided a band-aid for a shooter who was bitten by the slide on his Glock.  I was in the first 24 shooters.  We all passed and received our certificates.  I did not stay to watch the last 5 or 6 shoot.  It was a good experience.  I recommend SAFE Gun Permits.  Thanks Kevin and Craig
"Quiet Observer" (via Illinoiscarry.com, 7/22/18)

​I could have not asked for a better experience that what I received this past weekend. Craig and Kevin were very easy to understand as they helped us understand the legal intricacies that is associated with conceal and carry. The class was fun and the interactive simulation provided a wealth of knowledge. I have some friends that are looking to seek the same class and I have already sent them information. Thanks Kevin and Craig
​Mark 8/29/17

I finished my class over the weekend .Extremely pleased with Craig and Kevin they presented the material extremely well very patient with all questions asked .Highly recommend anyone interested

you will not be disappointed .Thanks again Craig and Kevin
Walter D 7/18/17
In learning more about guns gun safety and getting your concealed-carry license To take the class

My wife and I took this class. We were both beyond impressed with Craig and Kevin. Their teaching method is hands on. As they go through their teaching , anyone attending is allowed to ask questions along the way. They encourage it. Their teaching method is relaxed, but very sharply focused. They want to make sure that every person in the class was fully understanding everything they were teaching. From the complicated laws and regulations, to the mission critical importance of safety in every aspect, we learned a ton. Additionally, they taught each of us some absolutely great fundamentals. They take the time needed to work with each person in the class to address his or her needs when it comes to proper fundamentals. In two days, I feel like I learned more than I've learned over the last several years. They both shine throughout the entire course as passionate professionals. When we hit the range for our live fire drills and qualification, I was very impressed at how they addressed every little detail to make sure we all got it exactly right, on a person by person basis.  I hope they add more courses to their catalog, because we'll be returning for sure. On top of all this, these two gentleman are quick to respond to any emails or calls. In this day and age when we're all very busy, these guys stood out as truly sincere about taking care of business. And did I mention, they both have a great sense of humor. We had a few really good laughs during the classroom portion.  I can highly recommend them to anyone in the area with zero reservation. We learned a ton, and I feel I became much more proficient with my pistol based on the fundamentals they taught me. It was obvious to us that they have a great reputation in the instructor community. Some of the folks we met at class drove 3 hours each way to attend class with them. That speaks volumes. Thanks Craig and Kevin, it was a pleasure meeting you both and learning so much. 
JDW 7/17/17

Craig & Kevin did a phenomenal job! They were both very knowledgeable and able to explain all the legal jargon in layman's terms.  They made sure everyone understood the content, and thoroughly answered any questions. They kept the instruction-time moving and fun! When working with the firearms, they went above and beyond to not only show best practices, but took the extra time to work one on one with everyone and give tips (and help correct bad habits). I highly​ recommend these guys to anyone wanting to do Conceal Carry Certification no matter if you're first time shooters to pro marksman! They're the best! YES&YES!
​Jahan 5/21/17

I would like to Thank Ted and Sandy Boyd for being such Great Hosts, You are truly an Awesome couple! The instructors of Safe Gun Permits Craig and Kevin Celia make the Conceal Carry Class "Friendly and Fun". They are professional Instructors and Trainers who help you acquire Knowledge of the State Laws and personal skills to help you protect and defend yourself, family and personal property. I highly recommend this class.
Vic Hernandez 10/24/16

A big thank you to Craig and Kevin with SAFE Gun Permits LLC for our private successful concealed carry class. Highly recommend these guys if you are considering getting your Illinois Concealed Carry License. Well done, gentlemen!
-Tina Crigler 9/18/16

Took the 16hr class with Utah. Class is well worth it. Craig and Kevin make the class enjoyable, and know their stuff. I would highly recommend their classes.
​-Neal Borror 5/21/16

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the class. When I was looking around looking for a company or person to get licensed with, it was by chance I ran into xxx and started talking about my interest in the class. xxx and I go back some years now and when he referred me to you i knew the class would be good, however you hosted a class that was not good but GREAT!!  I knew after the first few minutes I made the right decision.  I'm sure there are many people out there that can teach that class but also say just give me the money and we will get u the certificate. I didn't want that.  I knew that if I was going to want to carry, I needed to know as much about the laws and regulations as possible. You and Kevin definitely provided the information I was looking for and then some. 

Well thank you again and a thanks needs to be said to the Boyd family for opening their resources and providing an excellent lunch. I hope that your business continues to grow.  I know that I will recommend your services to any that may ask me.  If there is anything I can do to help please let me know. Thank you!!
Scott Quinn 5/17/16

​I cant possibly say enough good things about this class and the two men who instructed us, Craig and Kevin are top notch guys. For any body that is from an area where this class might require a bit more travel, let me tell you it will be well worth your time. Thank you again.
-Frank Tramontana 3/7/16

I just finished my 16 hour Illinois Concealed Carry class this weekend. What an excellent experience!! Craig and Kevin were both extremely knowledgeable and professional. The class was relaxed, fun, and very informative. I would recommend this course, given by these instructors, to anyone who is interested. Great job!!
​-Scott Withrow 3/7/16

​"Craig and Kevin are great guys they make the class fun and at the same time they know their stuff, they make it easy to understand the program, super guys. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to take their class for concealed carry for illinois, utah, florida. Thank you."
-Anthony D'avanzo

"My training with SAFE Gun Permits has been a life changing experience.  I have done the planning, drilling and thinking about "What If".  I hope I never need my training.  I have found I really enjoy spending time at the range.  It is a skill that friends and I consider a sport in the safety of the range.  Thank you to Craig and Kevin!  I hope more women get out there.  SAFE Gun Permits is a great way to start!"
-Coleen Lombardi

"I just finished my 12 hours of Illinois and Utah Concealed Carry classes! Outstanding! Craig and Kevin's training styles compliment each other's driving very effective and interesting training.  These guys and SAFE Gun Permits are a class act!  I feel prepared, know the law, just hope I never have to use what I learned.  Thanks!"
-Thomas Novak

"Great class this weekend in Morris.  This is a top notch training organization taught by great guys, Craig and Kevin.  A special thanks to Ted & Sandy, the gracious hosts."
-Don Krause

"Competent instructors, timely, accurate information.  Took the Utah / Illinois combo class, got both permits without a hitch."
-Bob Hodge

"Another great class in Morris, thanks Craig & Kevin"
-Ted Boyd

"If you want proper training, and not some fly by night wana be firearms instructors that think they know what their doing than you have come to the right place..." 
-Dan Goodman

"Last weekend Craig and Kevin did a super job of covering the IL CCW rules and regulations. They actually delivered more than we needed to meet those requirements and went above and beyond with lots of other help about concealed carry in general. This old geezer passed the range portion today and I will be making my application in the next day or two. Thanks again guys!"
-Milan Bagel 

"Last weekend I took the 16 hour plus Utah course from Craig and Kevin Celia at SAFE.  Excellent course, well presented.  All of the instructors were knowledgable and above all patient.  Everyone learned a lot and had a great time as well. Love those SIRT pistols!  I can recommend SAFE without reservations to anybody needing CCW Training."
Nanook - Illinois Carry Forum 

"Two great men, very educational and TONS of fun with the SIRT pistols, thank you!"

"Awesome classes had a lot of fun while learning ccw laws and gun safety!
Jay Tinley Park,, IL

"Just wanted to thank you and rest of you guys. Great Illinois class this past weekend. Will be sending all my friends your way for class. Thanks"
Mitch Palos Park, IL

"Really enjoyed your session today. You and your family made everyone feel relaxed and welcome. The wife and I will be joining the ISRA this week. Class act!"
Kevin, Sterling, IL